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Project Description

ShurTech Brands


To create a year-long digital media plan to help establish the portfolio of brands marketed under ShurTech Brands, LLC with their core audiences: Duck® Brand Products, FrogTape® brand painter’s tape, T-Rex® Tape, and Painter’s Mate Green® brand painter’s tape

  • Build brand awareness and increase sales for their DIY and Home & Office consumer products. 
  • Drive awareness of where to buy in-store retailers.
  • Support e-commerce, seasonal marketing and promotions.


A mix of programmatic display, mobile, native and video was employed. The digital campaign included: 

  • Geo-targeting and geo- fencing ads around retail locations carrying ShurTech products to reinforce messaging prior to store visits.
  • Video and Native ads were served to demonstrate product usage and help differentiate ShurTech tapes from other competitor tapes.
  • Mobile Persona, Cross Device and Mobile Behavioral targeting applied for a stronger mobile marketing effort.
  • Display advertising to create brand awareness, drive site visits, and support promotions.
  • Weather trigger ads served at the onset of cold weather to drive purchase of weatherization products
  • Paid search to keep ShurTech in front of consumers actively searching for a tape product solution.



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