DCW Media will design your KPI-focused reports so that they’re clear and meaningful. We’ll develop and implement the systems that deliver or serve these reports, to the right people, with the timeliness that you need for effective decision making. To ensure our clients always receive the most efficient and effective delivery from their media spend, DCW performs extensive analysis and campaign reviews in order to:

  • Assess media/creative messaging‘s overall performance.
  • Qualify and quantify campaign deliverables.
  • Analyze targeted demographics, psychographics, and demographic composition to customize and/or adjust accordingly.
  • Provide accurate metrics and valid, verifiable performance data.


Custom Dashboards

  • DCW offers clients 24/7 access to their media campaign reports, via a secure and customized online dashboard.
  • Reporting for all digital campaigns is accessible in one spot – at no additional cost.
  • Constant data-flow, near real time data instead of gathering weekly/monthly reports via email or Excel makes reporting and analysis more streamlined and organized.
  • The customized dashboard can keep track of SEM, Display, mobile, Video, Social Media campaigns and integrate your Google Analytics for a 360-degree view of all media channels in one location.

Analysis & Recommendations

Not sure where to start with conversion attribution? DCW will look to see how your various media channels are working together to drive conversions. We’ll study and compare different success metrics, and help you understand the different relationships between channels so that we can plan your media more effectively.