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The Ins and Outs of Olympic Advertising

Between the Super Bowl and Olympics we have had a ton to talk about in the advertising world this year. It has been very exciting following along with all our athletes and watching their journey to the gold (GO USA Women’s Hockey!!). Even with the excitement, NBC has seen a significant decline in live viewership even with the introduction of virtual reality.

Are You Ready For Some Football? What to Expect from Advertisers in Super Bowl LII.

Whether you are a Patriots or Eagles fan, we can all agree….we’re all rooting for some good commercials! Around this time every year, commercials become a topic the rest of the country is talking about, not just the advertising world. Who will make the boldest statement? Who will have the funniest or most memorable? What celebrities and musical artists will be featured? The anticipation continues to grow as we get closer and closer to game day.

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