Project Description



RAINFOREST TRUST is a world leader in the protection of tropical ecosystems and wildlife. DCW Media was tasked to promote RAINFOREST TRUST fund raising initiatives, driving prospects to a donation page, as well as  create awareness of the many conservation projects needing donor support. The goal of this campaign was also to generate high awareness among the target audiences and foster donations. 


DCW developed a media plan to reach an audience with an affinity for  environment, nature, eco- tourism, donors to environmental & wildlife causes, among others . We layered in HHI targeting paired with multiple visual creatives and  3rd party data .

Media tactics included:

  • Behavioral Targeting 
  • Contextual Targeting 
  • Look-A-Like Modeling
  • Retargeting
  • Programmatic Display
  • Mobile
  • Video Pre-Roll


Over 10 million impressions were served, with over 16,000 click-throughs to the website. Overall conversions tracked doubled month one to month two . DCW Media’s negotiation achieved an additional 445,000+ bonus impressions to support their end of year donation drive.


Avg. Click-Through Rate


Pre-Roll Completion Rate