Whether you are a Patriots or Eagles fan, we can all agree….we’re all rooting for some good commercials! Around this time every year, commercials become a topic the rest of the country is talking about, not just the advertising world. Who will make the boldest statement? Who will have the funniest or most memorable? What celebrities and musical artists will be featured? The anticipation continues to grow as we get closer and closer to game day.

Last year we saw multiple brands take a different approach. Typically everyone tries to outdo one another but last year they banded together to show a united message. This year, at this time, we normally would have seen more teasers and information released about the advertisements but we have seen very few. This may be due to the continually changing consumer landscape. Companies want more accountability and results. The attention span of the modern American is fleeting. You have only a few seconds to get your point across without losing their attention. Knowing this about their audience, some companies are turning toward digital and point of sale displays to get a lot more reach for their money. The cost of advertising during the Super Bowl has doubled since 2010. Fox is now charging $5.5 million for a 30-second clip. Companies seem to be turning away and not seeing the value in advertising during the Super Bowl when other options available.

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NFL popularity has also dropped significantly in the last few years. The ratings declined by 8% in 2016 and almost 10% this year for the overall season. The speculation for this decline can range anywhere from over saturation to the political protests. It will be interesting to see what the numbers reflect after Sunday’s game.


Rather than the companies themselves building the buzz, social media platforms have taken the lead. One way Twitter is exciting the fans is by hosting their first ever Brand Bowl. The Brand Bowl will take place during and after the actual game. However, instead of focusing on touchdowns, this event will be all about the commercials.

First, Twitter will post Moments after each quarter. These Moments will help audiences remember what advertisements they saw or missed during that period. Then, the conversation begins. As audiences turn to Twitter to post their reactions, opinions, and thoughts about the advertisements, their posts will be entered in as brand mentions. Twitter will track these tweets by collecting data every time someone uses the brand’s Twitter handle/hashtag or posts any other factors relating to the brand’s ad. Finally, after the final whistle blows, the Super Bowl and Brand Bowl will announce their winners. Depending on certain criteria, Twitter will award brands in the following categories:

  • MVP: brands that had the most brand related tweets
  • Blitz: brands that received the most tweets per minute
  • Quarterback: brands that had the most retweets on one tweet
  • Interception: brands who did not run a TV ad but received the highest percentage of conversation around them

Twitter will also recognize brands that stood out in specific categories such as: entertainment, retail, technology, home, travel, alcoholic beverages, automotive, dining, and more. Brands who are awarded during the Brand Bowl will win trophies and benefits for the brand’s future Twitter campaigns. It will be really interesting to see how this will impact viewership and interactions. We will be tracking this heavily and cannot wait to be a part of the conversation on Monday!

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