One of the biggest award shows of the year is finally here, The Oscars. Yet, something as big as the Oscars isn’t invincible to the ever-declining viewership numbers. Despite expected low numbers, ABC was able to completely sell out their advertising inventory at $2.8 million per 30-second spot – almost double the price of previous years! Last year was one of the least viewed Oscars telecast since 2008. With all of the controversy surrounding awards shows this year, it will be interesting to see if the numbers will rise due to the scandals surrounding the industry.
This year you will see a rise in female-centric advertisements. Sponsors such as AT&T, Cadillac, Google, Rolex, Samsung and Walmart, AARP, Discover Card, Disney, Ferrero, GE, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, MGM, Microsoft, Nest, Netflix, Nike, T-Mobile, Twitter, and Verizon will be tackling major current issues such as sexual assault, female empowerment and celebrating women. These advertisements air just in time to kick off Women’s history month. Advertisers have teamed up with powerful women to act in, direct, and create these powerful ads.  

Outdoor Advertising 
With the constant changes and buzz around technology the conversation tends to lead companies to get very excited about digital advertising and think about moving away from traditional. We wanted to discuss 3 reasons why outdoor advertising is still very important and impactful.  
1.         Outdoor has a high reach with a large audience. High traffic areas allow companies to reach a broader audience in a fast efficient manor.  

2.         Outdoor advertising and digital marketing work hand in hand. Outdoor can be an effective way to drive potential customers to a website or location. Creating unique URLs for each outdoor location allows you to track the effectiveness of that advertisement. A general rule in advertising is a consumer has to see an ad 10 times before they take action.  
3.         Outdoor gives you the opportunity to have an uncluttered message. Unlike TV, radio or digital, outdoor cannot be changed or turned off. When driving people have their eyes on the road and pay more attention to their surroundings.  
Interestingly enough one of the films up for best picture, THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE OF EBBING, MISSOURI, is perhaps another testament to the power of outdoor advertising and how effective it can be.
Will you be watching the Oscars this year? We know we will, and at DCW Media we’re rooting for the award to go to the film that chose one of the best advertising mediums! Interested in learning more about what advertising tactics your company should take? Contact us at DCW Media and we can help!