We are constantly hearing buzzwords like Artificial Intelligence(Ai) and Machine Learning, in terms of being the future of digital marketing. What you may not know is they are very much being used right now. These advancements in technology can be put to use in the here and now. One way DCW Media is staying ahead of the competition and in touch with the latest in technology is by incorporating AI and Machine Learning throughout our digital advertising strategies for our clients. We use the abundance of data we have at our fingertips in addition to cutting-edge technology like AI and machine-based learning to develop and execute media plans that keep clients ahead of their competition.

AI and Machine Learning can change the way you connect with your customer by getting you in front of the right audience even more strategically and keeping you there. It is making it easier to mine data, and apply the learnings used in the most effective manner. This resourceful way of engaging with consumers allows for a more personalized and memorable experience with the end-user.

Here are some of the most impactful and important ways AI can be used in advertising today:

1 – Search

Search may be a tactic you are already implementing but with the addition of AI you will be able to hit a broader audience. Rather than training your own search models, we now have access to additional search data that continues to change and update along with the consumer behavior.

2 – Recommendations

It’s now easier than ever to be recommended to a potential customer based off historical behavioral data. Recommendation engines keep us in front of users based on their actions and search history. Much like the way Spotify recommends songs for you, AI and ML will allow your company or product to be recommended to someone who is more likely to follow through with the call to action.

3 – Look-A-Like Targeting

This is a tactic we have always used but with the addition of AI and ML, the profiles we can create are vastly more extensive and allow us to drill down to users who have a higher likelihood of engagement.

Consumer behaviors can change at the speed of light and are influenced directly by the increasing number of choices they have right in front of them. The more we can learn about the consumer and make immediate optimizations; the better we are able to reach and stay connected with them. This won’t be the last time you hear us discuss AI and Machine Learning. Sign up for our eNewsletter to get the latest in trends or contact DCW Media to discuss your own media needs!